Thirteenth Topic: Reptilians

The other day I had thought… about evolution.

Is it really that strange for people to imagine the reality of reptile like humanoids?  At one point or another on our evolutionary journey to be the humans that we are today we most likely  had scales and cold blood. Just for a second, imagine if we had just evolved a bit differently. We stare in the mirror every morning and see no flaws in our humanzee figure. Of course humans don´t look strange?

We know so little about our planet but act as if we know so much. We cant just accept change even in 2016 humans need to told or taught to except (one of our biggest flaws) The media,religion, and society truly control what  Jo Schmo thinks is okay,real, or hip. So I can understand how it can be hard to believe in reptile like humanoids. Some of the stories sound so bizarre that it makes it hard for even me to believe. So I try to keep an open mind on the topic of reptilians.


Lets see….there are many references to reptilians in different cultures and religions around the world. Lets also not forget about the dinosaurs. What if the reptilians just took a different route on the evolutionary journey? I think if they do exist either they lived on earth and existed before humanity, or are from another dimension or planet.

This race of alien being always seems to get me all mixed up, I cant rap my head around there purpose. Some contactees say that they control the greys, or have some sort of rank over them. Also that they control our media and almost the whole world. Most famous people are accused of being reptilians by believers. reptie3

I would love to see some good proof of a reptilian, shape shifting or just out in the open. I honestly hate watching twenty minuet videos about eye slits and blurry reporter faces.

If you have some good proof please share it.

Till next time my friends, and remember keep an open mind.

Your friend,

-Trench Coat 1



Strange Case: Arctic UFO´s

The photos below were taken from a United States Navy submarine USS Trepang, March 1971 some where between Iceland and Jan Mayen island.

Original-scan-photos-of-submarine-USS-trepang-4-1Original-scan-photos-of-submarine-USS-trepang-3-1Original-scan-photos-of-submarine-USS-trepang-5-1Original-scan-photos-of-submarine-USS-trepang-6-1Original-scan-photos-of-submarine-USS-trepang-1Original-scan-photos-of-submarine-USS-trepang-7Original-scan-photos-of-submarine-USS-trepang-8-1 (1)Original-scan-photos-of-submarine-USS-trepang-2-1

My first thought when I saw these photos was it had to be some sort of  balloon or blimp used in target practice by the submarine. I’m not sure? What do you think?  Do you have any information about this case that could be used to prove or debunk?

-Your Friend, Trench Coat 1


Twelth Topic: Other Dimensions & Floating Cities

Have you ever wondered about other dimensions? The universe we live in could be one part of a “multiverse.” A6ey7DW

At the moment scientist believe that the shape of  space time is most likely flat, stretches out infinitely and goes on forever. Now, if that the case at some point time it should start repeating itself. This would mean that its possible that there are infinite versions of this blog being typed by Trench Coat 1 at this moment (haha I just felt like throwing that in there)..There could be infinite similar versions of you and I, differing only from the smallest change to a completely other versions of ourselves.

Now I am no scholar, so I’ll keep this short. I think its highly possible that other dimensions could exist. This morning when I did my daily dig through the vast world that is the internet looking for the strange and unusual I stumbled across a video…

A mirage (or is it?) of a floating city above the  port of Dalian in northeast China’s Liaoning Province.  Now in 2015 something similar happened in China….

Now I know this could all be fake footage (as almost always in the world of the strange and paranormal),special effect or CGI. What surprised me more about these cases is that people actually believe that it happened and it was just a mirage. I am not saying the video is real, but I am sure if I were to see a giant floating city in the sky I wouldn’t brush it off as a fata morgana. I grew up three blocks away from a beach and spent most of my youth in the water, and I have seen and experienced the fata morgana effect. I just didn’t buy it form the beginning.

So in my opinion either these videos are fake , or they are truly something paranormal and we should not brush them off as mirages. Maybe its a glimpse into another dimension? Space and time overlapping itself ? What do you think ?

-Your friend, Trench Coat 1

Eleventh Topic: Time Travel?

Is it possible to travel through time?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a time traveller? Living moments in history that others read about, being witness to world changing events. We are one of the only the species on this planet that keeps of track of time, it seems a bit absurd to be able control time. Is it really that impossible?

Some people believe that there is evidence of time travellers. There are some photos on the internet that are considered proof of time travel. Now is it really that strange of an idea? I think not, eventually we will probably figure out a way to travel through time. And if that ever happens the time we are currently living in could be modified or changed, our past could small differences that people may not take notice of.

One question, do you remember a book from our childhood about a family of bears?

You tell me in the comments, was the title ¨The Bernstein Bears¨ or ¨The Bernstain Bears¨ ……..

Just some thoughts, your friend.

-Trench Coat 1

Tenth Topic: An Amazing World We Are Living In.

Sometimes it amazes me that we live such normal day to day lives in a world with a history filled with so many secrets and unsolved mysteries. Its almost as if with age someone has programmed society to wash the magic out of our lives. The amazing seems less spectacular when your worried about paying rent or Donald Trump becoming a president (something ironically amazing).

We forget that we are all living on a rock floating in space surrounded by stars and planets. Not to mention the amazing things we have on this rock called Earth, the animals, environments natural and man made,stories and legends, unsolved mysteries…. amazing things all around us. What makes us forget? Why does humanity stop questioning its purpose? And how can we not see the obvious? Sometimes on the subway I feel like we were programmed to work, tell we are too old to function and to create profit for the land (so called land the we do not own) or our cities, state , or country (which really is not ours, the whole planet is our because we are  one species no matter what race or religion) and they retire us from the work force. All we are taught to do really is study (learn another humans philosophy and equation) and work ( fill another mans pocket) go home fall in love ( an amazing thing) and create more children (workers) to fuel the system.  But the moment you begin to question something outside of the normal society shuns you, makes you believe you are wasting you time.

Are you really wasting your time? Should you just ignore the amazing world in front of you? Keep buying things and having hope that one day when you pass away you finally understand the purpose of life?  No. We are living on amazing planet, filled with magic and wonder. We do not have the answers but we can try and find them. I’m not saying to become a recluse from society. Live, love, and be happy but never for one second think that the world is as normal as they make us believe. Always look past the normal my friends never stop searching, there is something that we are not doing right and “they” are not telling us.

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