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Ninth Topic: Is Our Species Ultra Violent?

The other day I sat on the train on my way home from work staring out the window and I had a thought…are we the most violent species on this planet?

Humans tend to think that animals in the wild having no law or social limitation can be as unpredictable and violent as they please. I believe that we are just as violent and in some cases much more violent than our brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom. A simple and obvious good example of this idea of ultra violence is war,to this day we still have to turn to violence to resolve differences and issues. We have caused genocides, created weapons that can wipe out cities. Even with the laws that our species has created to give us limitations and control of our so called animal instincts are prisons are still full.

Now, imagine a species not from our earth looking over our history. If I living on this planet believe that we are the most violent species on the face of the earth, what would a alien species think?

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