Strange Case: Arctic UFO´s

The photos below were taken from a United States Navy submarine USS Trepang, March 1971 some where between Iceland and Jan Mayen island.

Original-scan-photos-of-submarine-USS-trepang-4-1Original-scan-photos-of-submarine-USS-trepang-3-1Original-scan-photos-of-submarine-USS-trepang-5-1Original-scan-photos-of-submarine-USS-trepang-6-1Original-scan-photos-of-submarine-USS-trepang-1Original-scan-photos-of-submarine-USS-trepang-7Original-scan-photos-of-submarine-USS-trepang-8-1 (1)Original-scan-photos-of-submarine-USS-trepang-2-1

My first thought when I saw these photos was it had to be some sort of  balloon or blimp used in target practice by the submarine. I’m not sure? What do you think?  Do you have any information about this case that could be used to prove or debunk?

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6 thoughts on “Strange Case: Arctic UFO´s

  1. My opinion on these images is that they are part of an elaborate hoax. Picture 1 I believe is an inverted superior mirage of Jan Mayen Island. An analysis of it shows what appears to be tree canopies at the base of the object. The light band at the top of the object is what I consider to be shoreline breakers. If one inverts the original image 180 degrees this becomes much clearer.

    Images 2 and 3 could well be a prototype stealth fighter. Research has shown that the Trepang was part of a navy exercise to test out new weapon systems.

    Images 4 and 7 were taken within minutes of each other. My reasoning for this is based off the small funnel cloud that appears to the left on both images.

    Image 5 shows object at a low altitude, close to the sea’s surface. This can’t be the same object seen in images 6 and 7 which are seen striking the water at a very steep angle, suggesting a much higher altitude than seen in image 5. Note also that images 6 and 7 are taken from completely different angles. The two distinctly separate perspectives could suggest that one of the images was taken from a different submarine.

    Image 8, which has a decidedly better picture quality to it than the rest, is devoid of any periscope crosshairs or range finder lines as seen in the other images. This suggests to me that it is a completely separate entity to all the other images and was taken at a much later date.

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    1. Definitely make some strong points, looks like you have already done some research on this case. The picture that caught my attention was picture 1, and I agree with you it must be a superior mirage.


  2. Using decommissioned air balloons/zeppelins for target practice was common practice in the armed forces. They would strip them of their gondolas and any other external paraphernalia. Many of them were semi-rigid balloons, which seems to be the case in this instance.

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