Twelth Topic: Other Dimensions & Floating Cities

Have you ever wondered about other dimensions? The universe we live in could be one part of a “multiverse.” A6ey7DW

At the moment scientist believe that the shape of  space time is most likely flat, stretches out infinitely and goes on forever. Now, if that the case at some point time it should start repeating itself. This would mean that its possible that there are infinite versions of this blog being typed by Trench Coat 1 at this moment (haha I just felt like throwing that in there)..There could be infinite similar versions of you and I, differing only from the smallest change to a completely other versions of ourselves.

Now I am no scholar, so I’ll keep this short. I think its highly possible that other dimensions could exist. This morning when I did my daily dig through the vast world that is the internet looking for the strange and unusual I stumbled across a video…

A mirage (or is it?) of a floating city above the  port of Dalian in northeast China’s Liaoning Province.  Now in 2015 something similar happened in China….

Now I know this could all be fake footage (as almost always in the world of the strange and paranormal),special effect or CGI. What surprised me more about these cases is that people actually believe that it happened and it was just a mirage. I am not saying the video is real, but I am sure if I were to see a giant floating city in the sky I wouldn’t brush it off as a fata morgana. I grew up three blocks away from a beach and spent most of my youth in the water, and I have seen and experienced the fata morgana effect. I just didn’t buy it form the beginning.

So in my opinion either these videos are fake , or they are truly something paranormal and we should not brush them off as mirages. Maybe its a glimpse into another dimension? Space and time overlapping itself ? What do you think ?

-Your friend, Trench Coat 1


5 thoughts on “Twelth Topic: Other Dimensions & Floating Cities

  1. I’ve seen the second video, but I hadn’t seen the first one. Thanks for sharing. We will probably see more of this. Perhaps it is just another representation of the current shift from the physical to the spiritual. This “stuff” seems to like to reveal itself.

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  2. I’ve analysed many images over the last couple of years. Two of the most recent turned out to be superior mirages, one of Jan Mayan island near Iceland, the other over Lake Ontario. Both were touted as being UFOs. The latter was actually a mirage of one of the many barges that ply its waters. Sadly, the greater majority of those I’ve analysed turned out to be hoaxes. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to write one day in my conclusionary note: ‘UNKNOWN’.

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  3. I have seen a lot of things in my short life of 34 years that I can’t explain. I would not have believed someone else if they had told me about if I had not seen them with my own eyes. So I love to believe there is more out there and will to just take a moment and not over think it. Thanks for the post. Got me really thinking.

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