Tenth Topic: An Amazing World We Are Living In.

Sometimes it amazes me that we live such normal day to day lives in a world with a history filled with so many secrets and unsolved mysteries. Its almost as if with age someone has programmed society to wash the magic out of our lives. The amazing seems less spectacular when your worried about paying rent or Donald Trump becoming a president (something ironically amazing).

We forget that we are all living on a rock floating in space surrounded by stars and planets. Not to mention the amazing things we have on this rock called Earth, the animals, environments natural and man made,stories and legends, unsolved mysteries…. amazing things all around us. What makes us forget? Why does humanity stop questioning its purpose? And how can we not see the obvious? Sometimes on the subway I feel like we were programmed to work, tell we are too old to function and to create profit for the land (so called land the we do not own) or our cities, state , or country (which really is not ours, the whole planet is our because we are  one species no matter what race or religion) and they retire us from the work force. All we are taught to do really is study (learn another humans philosophy and equation) and work ( fill another mans pocket) go home fall in love ( an amazing thing) and create more children (workers) to fuel the system.  But the moment you begin to question something outside of the normal society shuns you, makes you believe you are wasting you time.

Are you really wasting your time? Should you just ignore the amazing world in front of you? Keep buying things and having hope that one day when you pass away you finally understand the purpose of life?  No. We are living on amazing planet, filled with magic and wonder. We do not have the answers but we can try and find them. I’m not saying to become a recluse from society. Live, love, and be happy but never for one second think that the world is as normal as they make us believe. Always look past the normal my friends never stop searching, there is something that we are not doing right and “they” are not telling us.

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7 thoughts on “Tenth Topic: An Amazing World We Are Living In.

  1. One thing I would say is that when you say never believe “those” who have you believe the world is normal, this is a matter of perspective. For example, my normal maybe different from yours. Differing perspectives also can create for differing expectations, perceptions, conclusions and knowledge :).

    I’ll disagree with one thing though in this post. You say the planet is ours because we’re one species, from one perspective that may not be an inaccurate statement. However for me, I’ve never once thought the Earth is ours. In fact, if anything, the Earth is our livelihood and we’re at it’s mercy.

    If Earth were to stop producing food, harsh weather conditions arose worldwide then we could not do anything but cower in fear and desperation. We could build shelters to protect us, but that’s all. We’re at the mercy of this planet as well as just another species that inhabits it. The moment people try to claim the Earth belongs to the human species, that is the moment it shows our arrogance runs wild.

    If the Earth was truly ours, and let’s say people accepted that fact. Then there would have been a lot more progress made in caring for this planet. But that is not the case, thankfully progress has been made but not as much as it could have been if the people before us were smart enough to take action earlier.

    Humans are just another species, the only difference between us and others are is that our intelligence is evolved beyond anything on this planet. But again that does not imply we have the right to say the Earth is ours. It is our HOME, but NOT our property. We’re just another species on this planet part of nature (whether we like it or not), but a species that has been the most destructive and at the same time still so optimistic about the future.

    Note: Those are my thoughts, yours may differ. As long as such thoughts are not harmful and positive, I encourage you to defend such views in a healthy discussion :).

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    1. My friend, to be honest I agree with you. We are just another species on this planet, and it this earth is not ours. We share it with many other species. Everything you wrote is correct, and honestly I agree. Thanks for the amazing comment. To be honest that’s the kind of comment I was looking for.

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  2. If we would come to our senses we would see that all the world has to offer is free. It was built that way and it appears the way it does because of our collective consciousness. If not for a few men that want all that we are, all would be available to collectively enjoy without price. What a concept!

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