Off Topic: Searching for the truth

Some times the search for proof of the paranormal can be tedious. There are times when you hit a dead end..but you should never quit or surrender. Most of us have a day to day normal life, hence the word “normal”. And the normal world distractions,get us all lined up and stressing about material things. I would love to have connections or real money to be able to really research explore the paranormal. I guess I get buy fine with the tools I’ve got.
I have always found that having a logical thought processes helps clear out the fantasy in the paranormal, not to say that there are not cases involving real magic.
Its just good to see the real and the fake. And lets say there is lots of fake out there.

Its strange some people are fans of the paranormal….I have just never been able to ignore it.

Your friend,

-Trench Coat One


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