Off topic: Animals, why we believe we are better?

Now you may say ¨Agent Trench Coat 1, this doesn’t have to do with the paranormal.¨ But my friends it is part of the strange.

What makes humanity so ego driven? Why do people believe that we are so advanced compared to the natural world, or the wild?The other day I sat on the train, as woman passed with her child both covered in dirt and malnourished asking for help. Now when I say asking help, I mean they were asking for some change or money to buy food. Some people see this as a negative act, but unfortunately this family is in a situation in a economically driven world that they needed to beg for help. And much less than 50% (I am being kind) of the  working class men on women on the train ,my fellow passengers actually gave them money. Now I am not going to sit hear and tell you that every time some one asks me for help I give it to them. No I don´t, but why? A small amount of money could buy them a bag of rice which will feed them and there children.

Why is it so hard for us to see that we are all in the same boat?

Why do we believe that we are not animals?  We are humans and most of us believe humans are nothing like animals. You may say ¨We are not wild! We do not kill just because, we do not get blind with anger, pointless violence does not exist, rape, ect..¨ the list can go on and on my friends.

Hears were its gets a bit strange, we are wild! Our society is filled with examples of wild nature. We just do not pay attention to the clues right in our face. Murderers, are a great example. Some humans kill just because they feel the need to, some wild animals must do the same and some wont kill another animal unless its threatening there family, pack, or its food. I am not saying that animals are as intelligent as we are, but we also need to take into consideration that humanity created the idea of intelligence. So the idea and the concept of intelligence is only import to us and our society. Sometimes when I think about Aliens beings from other worlds or dimensions I wonder ¨ What if there concept of intelligence is completely different? What if that´s what makes them advanced? ¨

And when I look into the eyes of my two dogs, and I see all that love and compassion. When they surprise me with there intelligence. They understand my emotions, and to me they are my family. They are animals but they are important, just as important as I am. When I see wild animal free in its habitat, it makes me think why we are so ashamed of natural selves. We hide behind this idea that man is greater, but there few things in this world as beautiful as strong wild animal free from our so called intellectual society living to the fullest its natural habitat. When is the last time you live to the fullest?

Just some thought, your friend.

-Trench Coat 1


One thought on “Off topic: Animals, why we believe we are better?

  1. Interesting post and I would wholeheartedly agree. People tend to hide behind the idea that “We are here for a greater purpose” when really we are here to survive. But as humans evolved, alongside their intelligence so did our civilization.

    I would even argue that we’ve evolved beyond the point of being able to survive in nature alone anymore now. We have become so accustomed to the luxuries civilization provides us with, but at the same time the challenges that come with it. In a numbers driven world, I suppose there is a new kind of natural selection now for humans.

    It really is quite baffling how people can get lost in the idea that they are superior, especially in people’s beliefs. If they were thrown in the wild with other animals, it’s all fair game then, survival of the fittest.

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