Seventh Topic: Valiant Thor !

Is it possible that there was an alien at the pentagon? Valiant Thor, a being from venus with six fingers on each hand a giant heart and blood like a octopus. From what I’ve read people believe he seemed to have good intentions. He helped build underground bases and worked at area 51. He than left earth in a space vessel on March 16th 1969….

Now, what got under my skin about this case is that supposedly he had a very high IQ….why would an intelligent being from another world directly land on earth and go work with a government? Maybe he thought he could not only work as an adviser but manipulate the lower IQ’s in power at the time. Imagine how easy it would be for a highly intelligent alien to hustle a president and any politician from the 1950’s . Why not land on earth become a business man (since the world is controlled by the monopolies of the rich) with and IQ like Thor’s had he could have created business similar to Microsoft. Than with all his riches help humanity by building homes for the homeless,creating food for the poor, finding cures for some of earths worst diseases, and putting a stop war. The possibilities are endless of what a being like Thor could have accomplished. But if he worked for the US government he was not hear to protect the human race. He was most likely giving technology to the government that helped create some of today’s deadliest weapons.



The photos above are two supposed images of Thor.

Which photo do you think is truly Thor?
Why do you think he came to earth?
What would you ask Thor if you could?

As always, your friend.

-Trench Coat 1


One thought on “Seventh Topic: Valiant Thor !

  1. I believe the last question is the most pertinent regarding his alleged visit to Earth, so I would have to ask: Since the surface temperature on Venus is hot enough to melt lead and its atmospheric pressure is 94.5 times greater than Earth’s, and you don’t wear heavily pressurised body armour, why didn’t you explode the moment you set foot on our planet?

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