Sixth topic: Hollow Earth?

Have you ever heard the hypothesis that the earth is hollow? Stories of a mystical world full of giants and its own sun. Sounds crazy huh? Well according to Admiral Richard E. Byrd this magical world is as real as the one we live in. A quote said by the Admiral on his death bed “that enchanted continent in the sky, land of everlasting mystery.” Some say he was referring to this mystical land.

Before we go any further, lets take into consideration that many cultures and religions believe in underworlds or so called hidden mystical lands. Hell or the so called underworld being a good example. From the Greeks to Native Americans this idea seems to be very prominent in human society and history.

So could it be possible that there is such a mystical place? The supposed entrences to this can be found in the north and south pole.Locations not easily accessed by every day people. And truly how much about the center of the earth do we really know? Science seems to have most of it figured out. Always remember that science is not always correct, most scientific fact either changes with time or ends up being proven incorrect.

Whole in the north pole,some say this one way of entering.


Some stories claim that this land is home to giants. Before you dismiss the giants just remember that legends and accounts of these beings are also prominent in human history.


Well I am not sure if I truly believe this idea of a hollow earth, but honestly anything is possible. If I had the money and the resources to go on an adventure and find out for my self…I would in a heart beat.

What do you think? Have you visited or known anyone that has?
Do you have proof?

Till next time, your friend.

-Trench Coat 1


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