Fifth topic: Shadow People?

Have you been alone in the dark and thought you saw something? Something maybe not human?

As a young boy the first place I lived ( we moved around ) seemed to be the mecca for my paranormal experiences. Every night when everyone would go to sleep I would stay awake. No matter what, I always seemed to see shadowy figures walking around the whole three bedroom apartment. Some people would blame it on my vivid imagination and young age, and it could have been that. But what made me start to believe that I wasn’t just young and imaging were all the cases I later heard of from people experiencing the same thing. Shadow people? other people actually saw these shadow people. I wasn’t alone. Now if you have ever experienced this, you will understand how strange it is.

They do not seem to have any facial features, just dark faceless figures moving around in the darkness. It was a constant battle for me in that apartment to get any sleep, as soon as everyone would go to bed and all the lights would go off there they were. They would move from one room to the other sometimes there was one, other times there were many. My father always told me it was my imagination, that the dark was playing tricks on me. The strange thing was is that I would actually try and wait to make sure it was my imagination, in the dark staring at the coat hanger till it stopped looking like a man in the corner and became the coat hanger. I would wait for my eyes to get used to the dark. And the strangest thing is that I could see the difference between these entities and the shadows.

These entities seemed to move without sound and not in any sort of logical motion sometimes it looked as if they were moving so fast they were blurring, other times they looked as if they were still or growing. There were times they would just stand there, and once I could have swore they were dancing almost like natives in a tribal trance.  I did once see clothes on the dark figures, which was strange. why clothes and not faces or other features? One image that will always stay with me is, it had denim overalls on and was huddled together with others as well in clothes in my living room.

The time that I saw the figure with overalls seems to be the strangest and scariest of all my encounters with these entities. I was asleep and woke up for some strange reason, I shared a room with and older brother that was probably out partying at the time so I was alone. I was maybe five or six, and I slept on the top bunk. I checked if my brother was sleeping under me and there was no one there. Already afraid from my early experiences, I stared up at the ceiling to get my eyes used to the darkness. I wanted to prove to my self that it was all in my head and my eyes were playing tricks on me. And I stared down into the hallway and saw a figure move from the hall to the living room, and for a second I thought it must be my brother. So I walked down to see if it was him, I was so sure it was him. I stared down the hall and saw…..exactly what i didn’t wanna see. But this almost made my heart jumped out of my chest, at the end of the hall was this figure almost in a hunched position that looked like he was ready to pounce and behind it there were so many other figures all swaying from side to side. I screamed for my parents and jumped into there bedroom, ran to my mother and jumped in the bed. My mother woke and asked me what was wrong and I was still facing the hall now in her arms pointing to there open door which lead to the hall. And what did I see all the figures standing in the hall, filling the hall. When I pointed to the door, my mother screeched for my father as she squeezed me in her arms. She yelled to my father ¨ SOMEONE IS IN THE HOUSE! ¨ I will never forget my fathers face and his reaction. He just looked to the door and almost looked astonished, my father is a hard man to astonish or scare. He ran as fast as he could slammed the door and locked it, and sat down in front of it. I was crying and screaming and my mother was doing the same. My father, believed someone had broken into the house. So he grabbed his machete (some people have bats my dad had a machete haha) opened the door after a few minutes. He walked out to the darkness switched on all the lights…..there was no one, not even a sign  of a break in. These things kept appearing to me during our stay in that apartment.  Once we moved away from that place I never saw anything close to what I saw those years in that apartment.

I truly believe in shadow people. Maybe there beings from other dimensions, or some type of life force stuck on our world. Or maybe they were aliens? I would say demons but I´m not a religious man sooo in my book demons are just alien entities not from this world or our dimension. What do you think? Have you ever seen shadow people? If you have please share your experience in the comments.

Your friend,

-Trench Coat 1




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