Fourth Topic: Life In Space & Life In General

When I was younger every few years or so my family and I would take road trips.

As soon as we would leave the fog of the city behind us the sky would look like a limitless beautiful blue canvas.The hours would pass and the night sky would appear. I would always find my self laying in the back seat playing game boy, listening to a Walkman or CD player,reading comics, and getting buzzed of junk food and soda. As I putt down my Spider-Man comic book the stars in the night sky caught my eye. I think on this trip we were driving to Las Vegas and there were so many stars, so many lights. It was amazing. And at that moment I felt so small, I think I may have realized high on cherry coke how vast the universe was.

Growing up with older brothers in my house hold I was aware of sci-fi culture, and all that was paranormal form Zombies to Big Foot and Aliens. And I believed form a young age. Not because I was a gullible child with a vivid Imagination, it was just that when my parents took me to the zoo and I saw Silverback Gorrilas with more emotion that the school bully and it made me see the possibilities. Big Foot could exist, why not?


We as humans are not taught to understand or except that we are truly not as important as we believe. We are taught to consider ourselves all as equals and we cant even do that. We have seen how humanity deals with different ethnicity and cultures through out history. Imagine what a evolved intelligent unidentified different species can do to an unprepared human mind.  And it amazes me that we consider our selves proof and examples of what evolved intelligent creatures are supposed to be like, have you ever wondered if we actually are as evolved as we think ?

95 % of the ocean still remains unexplored, unseen by human eyes. There so many places on this earth and off it that still haven’t been explored. For example parts of the Amazon Rain forest is home to tribes of people untouched by modern civilization.

The world is not a as simple as the press, media, school systems and our societies lead us to believe. The paranormal, wonder, beauty, and magic is all around us. Sometimes I believe our idea of science is what we needed to cope with the amazing and magical, we always ask Why? What? How? Some where along the way are minds got cluttered with the day to day mess that society creates for us, and it only allows for the every day human to think and believe what he is told.

We are currently looking for evidence of life in space. The other day I came to the realization that……… humanity is proof of life in space. We are looking for proof of other life forms in space knowing how vast it is, blindly not seeing the biggest proof right in front of us…ourselves. Take a step back for moment, and stop thinking that we are a the only possible species blessed in the cosmos. We are proof that there is life in space. We live on a planet in space. We are life in space.

Sometimes as we sift threw our Instagram and think of what new sneakers we wanna buy to forget about the stress of our day to day and the bills we have to pay the tax man. We forget how magical the world was in the past the creatures that existed, that looked like the came right out of a Star Wars film.

Kaprosuchus saharicus

Some animals still alive today look like there straight out of a sci-fi flic, I could just picture them in a bar on Tatooine.

White-faced Saki Monkey
The Maned Wolf
Glaucus Atlanticus
Mantis Shrimp
The Saiga Antelope



So just remember, start looking at the world from different perspectives we are not just supposed to be wasting time and waiting for Kanye to drop his next album or worrying about getting re-tweeted. This world outside of the everyday view that we are giving by our society is so much more amazing then we are taught to believe, and if you get bored with this world just think of the endless worlds floating above our heads.

Your friend,

-Trench Coat 1



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