Third Topic: Mass sightings?

Personally at this point in my life, UFO videos on the internet don’t do much for me. These days I’m a bit wiser and understand that it could be anything from a drone to a secret government plane. So I feel that mass sightings of a UFO or extraterrestrial are some the best forms of evidence we have available.

  1. Ariel School Sighting in Ruwa, Zimbabwe

    A mass sighting that took place in 1994, the 62 witnesses claimed that UFO landed in a school yard in broad day light! The 62 witnesses were school children.   ArielSchool

above is drawing of the incident by one of the children.

And this was not the only mass sighting by school children.

2. Westall UFO encounter

This mass sighting occurred in 1966 on the 6th of April  in Melbourne, Victoria Australia. 200 students and there teachers a witnessed a UFO! The witnesses claimed the UFO landed in a open field next to the school.


There many other cases of mass sightings, these are two mass sightings always left me uneasy. How and why would school children and there teachers all lie about the same thing?

And if these really were UFO´s, what was going on? Where they trying to make contact with the children? Maybe trying to see if the youth of our planet would be more excepting to there existence?

What do you think?

-Trench Coat 1



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