Eigth Topic: Vimana

What if in the past UFO’s were used by demons and gods ?

Lets talk about the Vimana, there are Hindu texts and Sanskrit epics  that speak of these magical flying machines. Sometimes described as flying chariots or thrown’s.

Vaimānika Shāstra is a Sanskrit obtained by mental channelling, detailing the construction of vimānas, or the so called “chariots of the Gods”. The existence of these texts were reviled by G.R. Josyer in 1952, according to Josyer the Sanskrit was written by one Pandit Subbaraya Shastry and dictated in 1918–1923. A Hindi translation was released in 1959, and an English translation in 1973.

Now lets think.
Is it possible that early man was manipulated to believe that aliens were gods? Did the aliens with there superior futuristic technologies astonish us to the point where we worshipped the ground they walk on?
What if all religions on earth were just the after affect of mans encounter and experience with extraterrestrials?

Lately I have been pondering about religions and early human history. It seems that early man was prone to exaggerating stories. Or are the stories just so astonishing that we believe they are exaggerated. Before science was an everyday concept and was taught in schools humanity had to make there own conclusions without any sort of scientific knowledge or basis. Could this be why we exaggerated. The first thing that comes to my mind is that if I saw a man with wings come soaring down from the sky, I would think they were mutant or alien before jumping to the religious or mystical because of science.

If we really were manipulated by aliens to believe they were gods, why don’t they keep doing it today? This could have a simple answer. In the begging the aliens or so called gods could just show up do a basic magic trick and we would be astonished and amazed and ready to worship. But with time man began to become more intelligent and some men didn’t fear or want to worship the aliens gods. Take one of the most famous alien hybrids of all time Jesus Christ, he was flesh and blood but the son of a god and humanity killed him. In Greek mythology brave warriors would fight monsters and gods. Man began to think for himself and defend himself. The gods or aliens could no longer stroll around the globe manipulating humanity, they had to think of a new way to manipulate. Things got a bit more intricate, they had to hide behind the curtains and play us like chess out of fear of interacting directly with us.

Your friend,

-Trench Coat 1


Seventh Topic: Valiant Thor !

Is it possible that there was an alien at the pentagon? Valiant Thor, a being from venus with six fingers on each hand a giant heart and blood like a octopus. From what I’ve read people believe he seemed to have good intentions. He helped build underground bases and worked at area 51. He than left earth in a space vessel on March 16th 1969….

Now, what got under my skin about this case is that supposedly he had a very high IQ….why would an intelligent being from another world directly land on earth and go work with a government? Maybe he thought he could not only work as an adviser but manipulate the lower IQ’s in power at the time. Imagine how easy it would be for a highly intelligent alien to hustle a president and any politician from the 1950’s . Why not land on earth become a business man (since the world is controlled by the monopolies of the rich) with and IQ like Thor’s had he could have created business similar to Microsoft. Than with all his riches help humanity by building homes for the homeless,creating food for the poor, finding cures for some of earths worst diseases, and putting a stop war. The possibilities are endless of what a being like Thor could have accomplished. But if he worked for the US government he was not hear to protect the human race. He was most likely giving technology to the government that helped create some of today’s deadliest weapons.



The photos above are two supposed images of Thor.

Which photo do you think is truly Thor?
Why do you think he came to earth?
What would you ask Thor if you could?

As always, your friend.

-Trench Coat 1

Sixth topic: Hollow Earth?

Have you ever heard the hypothesis that the earth is hollow? Stories of a mystical world full of giants and its own sun. Sounds crazy huh? Well according to Admiral Richard E. Byrd this magical world is as real as the one we live in. A quote said by the Admiral on his death bed “that enchanted continent in the sky, land of everlasting mystery.” Some say he was referring to this mystical land.

Before we go any further, lets take into consideration that many cultures and religions believe in underworlds or so called hidden mystical lands. Hell or the so called underworld being a good example. From the Greeks to Native Americans this idea seems to be very prominent in human society and history.

So could it be possible that there is such a mystical place? The supposed entrences to this can be found in the north and south pole.Locations not easily accessed by every day people. And truly how much about the center of the earth do we really know? Science seems to have most of it figured out. Always remember that science is not always correct, most scientific fact either changes with time or ends up being proven incorrect.

Whole in the north pole,some say this one way of entering.


Some stories claim that this land is home to giants. Before you dismiss the giants just remember that legends and accounts of these beings are also prominent in human history.


Well I am not sure if I truly believe this idea of a hollow earth, but honestly anything is possible. If I had the money and the resources to go on an adventure and find out for my self…I would in a heart beat.

What do you think? Have you visited or known anyone that has?
Do you have proof?

Till next time, your friend.

-Trench Coat 1

Fifth topic: Shadow People?

Have you been alone in the dark and thought you saw something? Something maybe not human?

As a young boy the first place I lived ( we moved around ) seemed to be the mecca for my paranormal experiences. Every night when everyone would go to sleep I would stay awake. No matter what, I always seemed to see shadowy figures walking around the whole three bedroom apartment. Some people would blame it on my vivid imagination and young age, and it could have been that. But what made me start to believe that I wasn’t just young and imaging were all the cases I later heard of from people experiencing the same thing. Shadow people? other people actually saw these shadow people. I wasn’t alone. Now if you have ever experienced this, you will understand how strange it is.

They do not seem to have any facial features, just dark faceless figures moving around in the darkness. It was a constant battle for me in that apartment to get any sleep, as soon as everyone would go to bed and all the lights would go off there they were. They would move from one room to the other sometimes there was one, other times there were many. My father always told me it was my imagination, that the dark was playing tricks on me. The strange thing was is that I would actually try and wait to make sure it was my imagination, in the dark staring at the coat hanger till it stopped looking like a man in the corner and became the coat hanger. I would wait for my eyes to get used to the dark. And the strangest thing is that I could see the difference between these entities and the shadows.

These entities seemed to move without sound and not in any sort of logical motion sometimes it looked as if they were moving so fast they were blurring, other times they looked as if they were still or growing. There were times they would just stand there, and once I could have swore they were dancing almost like natives in a tribal trance.  I did once see clothes on the dark figures, which was strange. why clothes and not faces or other features? One image that will always stay with me is, it had denim overalls on and was huddled together with others as well in clothes in my living room.

The time that I saw the figure with overalls seems to be the strangest and scariest of all my encounters with these entities. I was asleep and woke up for some strange reason, I shared a room with and older brother that was probably out partying at the time so I was alone. I was maybe five or six, and I slept on the top bunk. I checked if my brother was sleeping under me and there was no one there. Already afraid from my early experiences, I stared up at the ceiling to get my eyes used to the darkness. I wanted to prove to my self that it was all in my head and my eyes were playing tricks on me. And I stared down into the hallway and saw a figure move from the hall to the living room, and for a second I thought it must be my brother. So I walked down to see if it was him, I was so sure it was him. I stared down the hall and saw…..exactly what i didn’t wanna see. But this almost made my heart jumped out of my chest, at the end of the hall was this figure almost in a hunched position that looked like he was ready to pounce and behind it there were so many other figures all swaying from side to side. I screamed for my parents and jumped into there bedroom, ran to my mother and jumped in the bed. My mother woke and asked me what was wrong and I was still facing the hall now in her arms pointing to there open door which lead to the hall. And what did I see all the figures standing in the hall, filling the hall. When I pointed to the door, my mother screeched for my father as she squeezed me in her arms. She yelled to my father ¨ SOMEONE IS IN THE HOUSE! ¨ I will never forget my fathers face and his reaction. He just looked to the door and almost looked astonished, my father is a hard man to astonish or scare. He ran as fast as he could slammed the door and locked it, and sat down in front of it. I was crying and screaming and my mother was doing the same. My father, believed someone had broken into the house. So he grabbed his machete (some people have bats my dad had a machete haha) opened the door after a few minutes. He walked out to the darkness switched on all the lights…..there was no one, not even a sign  of a break in. These things kept appearing to me during our stay in that apartment.  Once we moved away from that place I never saw anything close to what I saw those years in that apartment.

I truly believe in shadow people. Maybe there beings from other dimensions, or some type of life force stuck on our world. Or maybe they were aliens? I would say demons but I´m not a religious man sooo in my book demons are just alien entities not from this world or our dimension. What do you think? Have you ever seen shadow people? If you have please share your experience in the comments.

Your friend,

-Trench Coat 1



Fourth Topic: Life In Space & Life In General

When I was younger every few years or so my family and I would take road trips.

As soon as we would leave the fog of the city behind us the sky would look like a limitless beautiful blue canvas.The hours would pass and the night sky would appear. I would always find my self laying in the back seat playing game boy, listening to a Walkman or CD player,reading comics, and getting buzzed of junk food and soda. As I putt down my Spider-Man comic book the stars in the night sky caught my eye. I think on this trip we were driving to Las Vegas and there were so many stars, so many lights. It was amazing. And at that moment I felt so small, I think I may have realized high on cherry coke how vast the universe was.

Growing up with older brothers in my house hold I was aware of sci-fi culture, and all that was paranormal form Zombies to Big Foot and Aliens. And I believed form a young age. Not because I was a gullible child with a vivid Imagination, it was just that when my parents took me to the zoo and I saw Silverback Gorrilas with more emotion that the school bully and it made me see the possibilities. Big Foot could exist, why not?


We as humans are not taught to understand or except that we are truly not as important as we believe. We are taught to consider ourselves all as equals and we cant even do that. We have seen how humanity deals with different ethnicity and cultures through out history. Imagine what a evolved intelligent unidentified different species can do to an unprepared human mind.  And it amazes me that we consider our selves proof and examples of what evolved intelligent creatures are supposed to be like, have you ever wondered if we actually are as evolved as we think ?

95 % of the ocean still remains unexplored, unseen by human eyes. There so many places on this earth and off it that still haven’t been explored. For example parts of the Amazon Rain forest is home to tribes of people untouched by modern civilization.

The world is not a as simple as the press, media, school systems and our societies lead us to believe. The paranormal, wonder, beauty, and magic is all around us. Sometimes I believe our idea of science is what we needed to cope with the amazing and magical, we always ask Why? What? How? Some where along the way are minds got cluttered with the day to day mess that society creates for us, and it only allows for the every day human to think and believe what he is told.

We are currently looking for evidence of life in space. The other day I came to the realization that……… humanity is proof of life in space. We are looking for proof of other life forms in space knowing how vast it is, blindly not seeing the biggest proof right in front of us…ourselves. Take a step back for moment, and stop thinking that we are a the only possible species blessed in the cosmos. We are proof that there is life in space. We live on a planet in space. We are life in space.

Sometimes as we sift threw our Instagram and think of what new sneakers we wanna buy to forget about the stress of our day to day and the bills we have to pay the tax man. We forget how magical the world was in the past the creatures that existed, that looked like the came right out of a Star Wars film.

Kaprosuchus saharicus

Some animals still alive today look like there straight out of a sci-fi flic, I could just picture them in a bar on Tatooine.

White-faced Saki Monkey
The Maned Wolf
Glaucus Atlanticus
Mantis Shrimp
The Saiga Antelope



So just remember, start looking at the world from different perspectives we are not just supposed to be wasting time and waiting for Kanye to drop his next album or worrying about getting re-tweeted. This world outside of the everyday view that we are giving by our society is so much more amazing then we are taught to believe, and if you get bored with this world just think of the endless worlds floating above our heads.

Your friend,

-Trench Coat 1


Third Topic: Mass sightings?

Personally at this point in my life, UFO videos on the internet don’t do much for me. These days I’m a bit wiser and understand that it could be anything from a drone to a secret government plane. So I feel that mass sightings of a UFO or extraterrestrial are some the best forms of evidence we have available.

  1. Ariel School Sighting in Ruwa, Zimbabwe

    A mass sighting that took place in 1994, the 62 witnesses claimed that UFO landed in a school yard in broad day light! The 62 witnesses were school children.   ArielSchool

above is drawing of the incident by one of the children.

And this was not the only mass sighting by school children.

2. Westall UFO encounter

This mass sighting occurred in 1966 on the 6th of April  in Melbourne, Victoria Australia. 200 students and there teachers a witnessed a UFO! The witnesses claimed the UFO landed in a open field next to the school.


There many other cases of mass sightings, these are two mass sightings always left me uneasy. How and why would school children and there teachers all lie about the same thing?

And if these really were UFO´s, what was going on? Where they trying to make contact with the children? Maybe trying to see if the youth of our planet would be more excepting to there existence?

What do you think?

-Trench Coat 1