Second Topic: Aliens and fallen angels?

Have you ever wondered about the reaction you would have if a person with wings came soaring out the sky and landed in front of you?

My first thought would be interdenominational or alien. The funny thing is that its easier for the every day person to be religious and have faith in spiritual things and the moment you relate it to aliens or anything not written in a scripture they snicker it away as crazy talk. At this point in my life if Zeus came storming out the clouds I am pretty sure that´s enough evidence he´s not from our earth, he´d either be alien or a interdenominational being. The definition of alien is simple :



adjective \ˈā-lē-ən, ˈāl-yən\

Simple Definition of alien

Popularity: Top 40% of words
  • : not familiar or like other things you have known : different from what you are used to

  • : from another country

  • : too different from something to be acceptable or suitable

I took that text above from:

Now using the definition above there are many things that could be alien they do not necessarily have to have tentacles and be from the planet zube749 . Now using that definition I want you to grab and old religious text  or almost any old text written by scholars of early man. Look it over , guess what?

….. Its full of Aliens………



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