First Topic: Aliens

When I was a young boy the stars above me always seemed so far, distant, and beautiful. At first when I would stare up into the city the sky it looked so dark and deep, the smog in Los Angeles made it hard to see the true beauty floating above our heads every second of every day. It wasn’t until I left the city for the first time, that I was able to see the vast multitude of stars streaming across the darkness. It was amazing. The Moon was so bright, so close, and yet so far. At an early age my mind began to wonder, how it  was possible that in all that endless space above us there couldn’t be other forms of life.  Humanity is in a search to find an answer to this question, but I think it is in our natural ego as humans to not see the truth in front of us.

As I grew older I always believed that there was life in space. I began to hears stories about little green men, but actually they were little grey men.

The Greys: This species or race of alien from what I’ve read or seen in media, are the more common aliens encountered. Usually abducting humans for tests or flying by in UFO´s. Some are tall, other small. Described by abductees as frail or strong. Sometimes they are kind other times cold and emotionless. The main features that stands out to most people that encounter them are there large heads,round black eyes, and grey skin. It seems from reported abductions that they are in search of answer, maybe something in our DNA or learning about or society features and attitudes. Some abductees believe that there is hybrid program in place and that they need us to reproduce and better there species. There are a millions of possibilities to why they are hear. Its seems to me that they are a part of our human history, they been with us since the beginning.

Another species of alien that I’ve heard stories about, seems to be a bit more on the reptile side.

The Reptilians: This species or race of alien has been described to be a bit more violent and dangerous than the Greys. Shapeshifters, taking the form of humans in power to mold the masses and control us. They are said to be unnaturally strong and they eat human flesh. There are many famous celebrities and politicians that conspiracy theorist claim are reptilian.

These are two main species of alien that I have found to be the most prominent in news and in media. Now before you begin to tell me that are so many more other species, just know that I also believe that are  many other different types of races or species. For example the the Sirians, Alpha Draconians, Annunaki, ect…Hopefully with time we will discuss all of them.

For the moment I would like to know:

If you the reader ever had an encounter with extraterrestrial? When? How? What? 

Do you have any information that could help find the truth about the existence of alien beings?  

Do you have proof that they live among us? 

Feel free to contact The Conspiratorial with any information you would like to share about the strange and unexplained. If you would like to become a Trench Coat agent please let us know. earth_and_limb_m1199291564l_color_2stretch_mask_0

-Your friend

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7 thoughts on “First Topic: Aliens

  1. To answer your third question first: If by “Proof” you mean undeniable tangible evidence then the answer is No. However, there is a powerful body of evidence which strongly implies their existence.

    In response to your second question: I personally don’t have any information that could categorically prove the existence of intelligent extra-terrestrial life.

    To answer your first question: I believe I have had contact with an ET. The encounter took place in my bedroom in 1960 when I was seven-years-old. I was lying on a mattress on the floor of my bedroom, too excited to sleep because the following day we were moving to a new home. Restlessly, I turned over to face the open bedroom door and saw a spindly-limbed creature framed in the doorway. It had a large head and large black eyes (somewhat akin to a mantis). The next thing I knew, It was standing right in front of me and was staring intently into my face. Thinking it was the Devil, I screamed in terror which brought my parents running to the room. They did their best to placate me, telling me I’d had a nightmare. Eventually, they managed to calm me down. In retrospect I now believe what I saw was an alien grey. This event happened months before the Betty and Barney Hill encounter and I’d never seen any depictions of Greys or read about anything concerning them at the time. It would be many years later that I saw one depicted in a magazine. It was identical to what I had witnessed.

    In the interim between my “nightmare” and discovering the depiction, I had taken to sleep walking. On many occasions my mother or father would find me sitting at my open bedroom window staring up at the sky in the early hours. When asked what I was doing they told me I would always reply with the same answer: “I’m waiting for the Moon to come fetch me.”

    I also have scoop marks on my body which I can’t account for. I’ve also had several sightings of UFOs over the years. Because of these experiences I became fascinated by the subject and am now a certified UFO researcher/investigator and have had several articles published in related Magazines such as, Prediction, UFO Today, UFO Matrix, and the now defunct UFO Magazine (UK).

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    1. Thanks for your comment and for sharing your experince. It truly means alot. Do you still sleep walk? Can you tell me about your UFO sightings? Do you remember a time not having the scoop marks?


  2. To the best of my knowledge I no longer sleep walk. With regards to my sightings, I would refer you to my blog “Triangular Formation of Lights: A Personal Sighting.” It’s the most dramatic sighting I ever had, which was witnessed by my former wife.

    As for the scoop marks, I don’t recall having then as a child. I first noticed then during my mid teen years.

    I’m not sure if this is relevant, but I also had experiences of a psychic nature. One in particular sticks in my mind. I was massaging my ex-wife’s back in a dark bedroom (she had trouble sleeping). As I did so I became aware of a faint vibration in my hands. Then I began to see what appeared to be tiny, faint blue ‘sparks’ coming from them. My wife also felt a curious tingling sensation as I pulled my hands along her skin. For some reason It entered my mind to place my hands inches from her body and move them around. Incredibly my ex knew exactly where they were positioned over her when asked. There was no physical contact during the procedure. It was shortly after this that we both saw a small blue orb hovering in the corner, close to the ceiling. Frightened by it, my ex threw the blankets over her head. I watched the orb dissipate several seconds later. That was my first and only experience of witnessing an orb.

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    1. I will def check out your blog. And I always wondered if people would notice the scoop marks right away , or if it was just one day you randomly notice them. Really interesting stuff David. We should def stay in contact. Ill make sure to keep up with your posts and give you feedback when ever I can.


      1. With regards to the blog I mentioned above, could you please hold off from viewing it for now as It isn’t the full version of the events. I’m going to write the full version as it appeared in UFO Magazine. It should be completed sometime today.

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